Dr. Satyen Baindur

Over the years, I have served on many different technical committees, divisions of professional societies, editorial boards of journals, and other specialized technical groups reflecting my diverse scientific and technical interests. The following is a representative but not comprehensive listing.

During the 2013-14 conference cycle, I was a reviewer for papers submitted to the following conferences:
International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE-2014)
Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference 2014
Canadian Nuclear Society Annual Conference 2014
I was on the Executive of the
Canadian Nuclear Society Fusion Science & Technology Division (CNS-FSTD)
and on the
Technical Program Committee, 20th American Nuclear Society (ANS) Topical Meeting on the Technology of Fusion Engineering, 2012 (TOFE 2012)
I am on the
ASME/ANSI Nuclear Energy Standards Coordination Collaborative (NESCC)
Physics of the Cosmos Program Analysis Group (PHYSPAG)
Inflation Probe Science Interest Group (IPSIG)
International Partnership for a Hydrogen Economy (IPHE)
Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum (CSLF)