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New Build Links and Resources

International Nuclear New Build Links
Links on Safety Assessment
Small and Modular Reactor Projects
Gas-Cooled Reactor Links
Liquid Metal-Cooled Reactor Links
Research Reactor Safety Assessment
Graded Approach to Regulatory Requirements
Non-Electric Applications of Nuclear Energy
Cyclotrons for Radioisotope Production
Fast Reactors for Tar Sands
Multinational Design Evaluation Program (MDEP)
Canada Provincial Nuclear New Build Pages

International Nuclear New Build Links

IAEA Power Reactor Information System (IAEA PRIS) Reactors Under Construction by Country
IAEA Power Reactor Information System (IAEA PRIS) Reactors Under Construction by Type
US Projected New Reactor Locations
US NRC New Reactors Licensing Page
UK Long-Term Nuclear Strategy - March 2013
UK Nuclear Industrial Strategy - Documents
UK Nuclear New Build Strategic Siting Assessment
UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Nuclear New Build Home
UAE Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation
Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation
Korea Nuclear and APR-1400 Links
Finland Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK)
STUK Olkiluoto 3
STUK Preliminary Safety Assessment Olkiluoto 4
India NPCIL Nuclear Reactor Construction Status Page
India Atomic Energy Regulatory Board

Integrated Assessment

CNSC Staff Integrated Safety Assessment of Canadian Nuclear Power Plants 2012 ("NPP Report 2012") - issued September 2013
IAEA TecDoc 1375 "Safety Assessment for Facilities and Activities" General Safety Requirements Part 4
IAEA Published Safety Standards on Assessment and Verification
IAEA Integrated Safety Review Page
IAEA Safety Guide No. GS-G-4.1: Format and Content of the Safety Analysis Report for Nuclear Power Plants
IAEA Safety Guide No. NS-G-1.2: Safety Assessment and Verification for Nuclear Power Plants
IAEA TecDoc 1267: Procedures for Conducting Probabilistic Safety Assessment for Non-Reactor Nuclear Facilities
UK HSE Safety Assessment Principles for Nuclear Facilities

Research Reactors

IAEA Integrated Safety Assessment for Research Reactors Page
IAEA Safety Reports Series No. 55: Safety Analysis for Research Reactors
IAEA Code of Conduct on the Safety of Research Reactors
IAEA TecDoc 1220 "Safety of Research Reactors" IAEA Safety Standards Series No. NS-R-4
IAEA Published Safety Standards for Research Reactors
IAEA Draft Standard DS396: Safety Assessment for Research Reactors and Preparation of the Safety Analysis Report
IAEA Draft Standard DS412: Ageing Management for Research Reactors
IAEA TecDoc 1625: Research Reactor Modernization and Refurbishment
IAEA TecDoc 1212: Strategic Planning for Research Reactors
IAEA Division of Physical and Chemical Sciences: Research Reactors Page
CNSC Draft Regulatory Standard S-308: Safety Analysis for Non-Power Reactors
AECL NRU Reactor Safety System Upgrades and CNSC's Licensing and Oversight Process: Talisman Report

Graded Approach

IAEA Draft Standard DS351: The Use of a Graded Approach in the Application of the Safety Requirements for Research Reactors

Small and Modular Reactor Projects (SMRs)

IAEA Small and Medium-sized Reactor Page, April 2010
Daniel T. Ingersoll: Deliberately Small Reactors and the Second Nuclear Era
IAEA TecDoc 1485: Status of Small Reactor Designs With Conventional Refueling (2005)
IAEA TecDoc 1536: Status of Small Reactor Designs Without Onsite Fueling (2007)
IAEA TecDoc 1451: Innovative Small and Medium Sized Reactors: Design Features, Safety Approaches and R&D Trends

Canadian Remote Power Corporation
Dunedin Energy Systems Ltd.

US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Advanced Nuclear Reactor Page
US NRC Policy Issues in Licensing Non-LWR Designs Page
US NRC Advanced Reactor Research Page
9-1-2010 US NRC Takes Steps to Enhance SMR Licensing Review Framework
IAEA Advanced Reactor Information System (ARIS)

Light Water-cooled SMRs

US NRC International Reactor Innovative and Secure (IRIS) Page
US NRC NuScale Page
US NRC (B&W) mPower Page
Holtec International Subsidiary SMR LLC - HI-SMUR (SMUR-140)
KAERI System-integrated Modular Advanced Reactor (SMART)

Non-Light Water Cooled SMRs

US NRC Super-Safe, Small and Simple (4S) Page
   The Galena, Alaska Project
US NRC Hyperion Page
US NRC Power Reactor Innovative Small Module (PRISM) Page
Advanced Reactor Concepts, LLC's ARC-100 concept


Pebble Bed Modular Reactor (PBMR)
Gas Turbine Modular Helium Reactor (GT-MHR)
Areva's New Technology Advanced Reactor System (ANTARES)

Gas-Cooled Reactor Safety Assessment

IAEA Gas-Cooled Reactors Links and Resources
IAEA Safety Report Series No. 54: Accident Analysis for Nuclear Power Plants with Modular High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactors
IAEA TecDoc 1366: Safety Requirements for Innovative Reactors: Application to Modular High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactors
IAEA TecDoc 1238 Gas Turbine Power Conversion Systems for Modular HTGRs
IAEA TecDoc 1210 Safety Related Design and Economic Aspects of HTGRs
IAEA TecDoc 1198 Current Status and Future Development of Modular HTGR Technology
IAEA TecDoc 1163 Heat Transport and Afterheat Removal for Gas Cooled Reactors Under Accident Conditions

Proceedings International Conference High-Temperature Reactors, 2006 (HTR-2006)

US NRC NUREG/CR-6839: Fort St Vrain Operating Experience

Gen IV Description of Candidate Gas Cooled Reactor Systems
Gen IV Roadmap R&D Scope Report for Gas Cooled Reactor Systems

Liquid Metal-Cooled Reactor Safety Assessment

Sodium as a Fast-Reactor Coolant - US DOE/NRC Presentation
IAEA TecDoc 1569: Liquid Metal-Cooled Reactors: Experience in Design and Operation
ANL Sodium Reaction Experimental Test Facility (SRETF)
IPFM Presentation to Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future on Fast Breeder Reactors
Joint ICTP-IAEA School on Physics and Technology of Fast Reactor Systems, 9-20 November 2009, Trieste.
IAEA-GIF Workshop on Safety Aspects of Sodium-Cooled Reactors, 23-25 June 2010, Vienna
Presentation on Safety Issues for Sodium-cooled Fast Reactors, FR'09, Kyoto, Japan, December 2009
2009 International Conference on Fast Reactors, Kyoto Japan (FR09), December 7-11, 2009.
IAEA: Technology Advances in Fast Reactors and Accelerator Driven Systems
IAEA Fast Reactors and ADS Knowledge Base; Index to Technical Documents
IAEA Fast Reactor Database
IAEA Fast Reactors and ADS Database; TecDoc 1180.

Multinational Design Evaluation Program

Multinational Design Evaluation Program (MDEP) Link
Multinational Design Evaluation Program (MDEP) Terms of Reference (TOR)
MDEP Conference on New Reactor Design
Canadian Participation in MDEP

Canada's Nuclear Future: Reports, Documents, Presentations

CD Howe Institute Commentary Canada's Nuclear Crossroads, June 2009
Centre for International Governance Innovation: The Future of Nuclear Energy to 2030, February 2010
NRCan Review of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited: Summary Report, May 2009
Rothschild Investment Summary: CANDU Inc., December 2009
CNSC President Michael Binder: Presentation to AECL Risk Committee, November 2009
CNSC Presentation on Readiness to License Isotope Producing Facilities
Chalk River National Laboratory (Employees' Future Concept), October 2009

Canada Nuclear and New Build Links

Canadian Nuclear Association Presentation on 'Nuclear: A Canadian Strategy' - November 2012 CNSC New Nuclear Projects Status Page
Ontario Darlington New Build OPG Page, May 2012
Alberta Nuclear Power Expert Panel Report, February 2009
Alberta Government Nuclear Energy Page, December 2009
Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC) Alternative Energy for Oil Sands

Saskatchewan Government Nuclear Energy Page, December 2009
New Brunswick Power Point-Lepreau Refurbishment Page, update October 2010

Cyclotron and Linear Accelerator Radionuclide Production

IAEA Technical Reports Series 468: Cyclotron Produced Radionuclides
Advanced Cyclotron Systems Inc. (ACSI)

Non-Electric Applications of Nuclear Energy

Proceedings IAEA International Conference on Non-Electric Applications of Nuclear Power, 2007, Japan
Canadian Nuclear Society Western Focus Seminar, Calgary, June 2009
Canadian Institute Nuclear Symposium, Saskatoon, SK, March 2010

Fast Reactors for Tar Sands Applications

Presentation on Applicability of 4S (Super-Safe, Small and Simple) [Sodium-cooled Fast] Reactor to Alberta Tar Sands at CNS Western Focus Seminar, Calgary 2009