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Dr. Satyen Baindur

Reactor Integrated Assessment Links and Resources

Links on Integrated Safety Assessment
Multinational Design Evaluation Program (MDEP)

Integrated Assessment

CNSC Staff Integrated Safety Assessment of Canadian Nuclear Power Plants 2012 ("NPP Report 2012") - issued June 2013
IAEA TecDoc 1375 "Safety Assessment for Facilities and Activities" General Safety Requirements Part 4
IAEA Published Safety Standards on Assessment and Verification
IAEA Integrated Safety Review Page
IAEA Safety Guide No. GS-G-4.1: Format and Content of the Safety Analysis Report for Nuclear Power Plants
IAEA Safety Guide No. NS-G-1.2: Safety Assessment and Verification for Nuclear Power Plants
IAEA TecDoc 1267: Procedures for Conducting Probabilistic Safety Assessment for Non-Reactor Nuclear Facilities
UK HSE Safety Assessment Principles for Nuclear Facilities

Multinational Design Evaluation Program

Multinational Design Evaluation Program (MDEP) Link
Multinational Design Evaluation Program (MDEP) Terms of Reference (TOR)
MDEP Conference on New Reactor Design September 2009
2nd MDEP Conference on New Reactor Design September 2011
Canadian Participation in MDEP