Dr. Satyen Baindur

Resources for Carleton University Mechanical Engineering 5203 - Nuclear Engineering - Winter 2014

Links to Academic Departments in Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear Engineering Academic Departments

CANDU Pressure Boundary Fitness for Service

CANDU Pressure Boundary Fitness for Service Assessment

Safety Analysis and Design Assessment

Resources on Probabilistic Safety Analysis & Reliability Assessment
Resources on Integrated Assessment
Links to National and International Nuclear Regulatory Bodies

Severe Accident Modeling and Analysis

Severe Accident Modeling

Gen-IV Reactors

Resources on Generation IV Reactors
Resources on the Supercritical Water-cooled Reactor (SCWR)

Small Modular Reactors (SMRs)

Links to Resources on Small & Modular Reactors

Nuclear Hydrogen Production

Links to Resources on Nuclear Hydrogen Production

Research Journals

Journal of Science & Technology of Nuclear Installations

Nuclear Engineering and Design

Journal of Nuclear Materials

Journal of Nuclear Materials Management

Nuclear Technology (American Nuclear Society)

Nuclear Science and Engineering (American Nuclear Society)

Fusion Science & Technology (American Nuclear Society)

IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science

Journal of Nuclear Science & Technology (JNST) [Japan]